It is quite mild in the South East and the grass is still growing, albeit at a slightly slower rate than a month ago with cooler nights setting in.

Do not plan to stop mowing your lawn quite yet, maybe twice a month for November and once a month for December and January.

The turf grasses will not stop growing but it will be a little difficult for new grass seed to germinate out of the formal growing season.

Lawn Seed sown some eight weeks ago should be at around three to four leaves stages (number of leaves) now and these will continue to develop over the winter.

Here are a few handy jobs that can still be completed on the lawn should you need an excuse to get out of some early Christmas shopping…..

  1. Clear up any leaves and twigs from the lawn and border edges and hidden hollows
  2. Trim the edges of the lawn alongside the plant border ready for next spring
  3. Trim alongside pathways and patios
  4. Perform an audit of any shrub overhang or make a note for the early Spring
  5. Control Worm Casts on the lawn with CastClear Worm Cast Suppressant
  6. Keep an eye out for Fusarium Disease and treat, especially on new lawns
  7. Re turf any areas of the lawn – it is not too late to lay new turf so long as conditions allow you to
  8. Raise the height of the lawn mower and mow the lawn taking off no more than 25% of growth –
  9. Send the lawn mower in for a service once December arrives
  10. Apply an Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser
  11. Aerate the lawn
  12. Apply a winter tonic of Soluble Iron (also know as Ferrous Sulphate) to retard any moss and to provide vital winter colour.
  13. Remember to keep off a snow laden or frosty lawn
  14. Use this blog Keyword Search facility on the home page to find out more about some of the topics mentioned above
  15. Why not take a look around The Lawn Shop – shopping for lawn care products from the comfort of your nice warm chair by the fire or office!