Lots of parts of the United Kingdom received a lot of rain yesterday but the sudden downpours were very localised as Woking had about 30mm of rain in 30 minutes and a few junctions down the M3, nothing at all. Our local village was flooded with highway storm drain lids lifting rendering the road through our village impassable.

All good news for drought stretched lawns and the garden in general. This week will be warm for most with the risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms breaking out across many areas state The Met Office.

If after the rainfall, you still notice areas of the lawn that have not returned to it’s normal semi-green colour, and it will not happen overnight, think about some localised aeration and applying a wetting agent to these patches to help them recover and get the soil underneath the soil wet again.

Now is a great time to catch up on your weed control on the lawn and around the garden making sure that you use the appropriate control product on the lawn and driveway. Use an Indicator Dye to help you see where you have and have not sprayed.

Tidy your lawn edges, trim any shrub over hang and mow the lawn in multi directions to help the turf grasses remain grow upright as their natural growth habit denotes and fed your lawn as the warm and damp conditions are ideal for Red Thread Disease appearing.