We would be lying if we said that February was a big lawn care month!

Low temperature and then snow and ice and a big wind chill froze the soil rock hard.   The weather will then change to be much milder with positive figures and now more rain making the surface of the lawn water logged and muddy under foot.

If it dries out, some localised or blanket aeration is always good to connect the air with the root zone and help drain wet areas.

By now, you should not have any autumn leaf and twig litter on the lawns and the mower should be booked in for a service ahead of the rush.

Time to get your head around your spring lawn care treatment products such as Soluble Iron to retard the Winter moss, slow release fertiliser and worm cast control with CastClear.

Winter is also a great time to blanket spray driveways and patios with a cold soil acting residual total weed killer like Weedol Pathclear using some Indigo Garden Spray Dye to help you see where you have sprayed.  By doing so, you will get ahead of the spring rush of weeds growing as the residual active in Weedol Pathclear will help prevent the weed germination and form a chemical barrier in the soil.  Make sure that there is no chemical run off onto your lawn!