If you recall how brown your lawn looked mid summer last year, then spare a thought for the same lawn this year.

At the end of July, the South East had received less rain of only 270 mm this year to date than we had in 2018 which was 288 mm in the same period.

So currently 2019 has been dryer than 2019 and not as hot.

Such little and infrequent rainfall is not great for lawns and their long term care and there are still a lot of 2018 drought damaged lawns out there and localised dry patches will not solve themselves. Nothing will grow in these hydrophobic lawn areas either.

When the air temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, the natural water loss from the garden can be 5mm per hour.  This means that in the evening you require 5 mm of rainfall or irrigation per hour to compensate the evapo-transpiration rate.

It is so easy to get into a water deficit.  You can only solve with a Wetting Agent Tablet such as Lawn Quencher Lawn Dry Patch Remedy