Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent TabletLawn Quencher™ – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy is a NEW Wetting Agent Tablet Concept that will easily fit into your chosen Garden Hose Diluter / Feeder.

Lawn Quencher™ is a product developed by the innovative Lawn Company Team for Domestic Lawn Owners.  It is the solution to lawn hydration.

Take a look at your lawn and you will see localised dry patches, maybe as a result of last years or this years drought.  Dry Patches on your lawn do not occur only during or after a drought, they can be there all year where damaged areas of the lawn have formed a hard and dry crust.

You will not resolve these dry and crusty patches / areas with simply water as the lawns surface has become hydrophobic and is repelling any natural or artificial water.

PREVENTS localised dry patches
RECOVERS stressed & damaged turf
ENHANCES and improves water penetration
RETAINS and conserves water

This new product will be available in the next week or two to buy online via Amazon and The Lawn Shop in it’s rawest form to trial whilst we finalise the supply of the pretty packaging!  We are working hard on the product web site currently.  The new tablets are 75 grams sold in singles or boxes of six.