Lawn Quencher™ – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy is a NEW Wetting Agent Tablet Concept that will easily fit into your chosen Garden Hose Diluter / Feeder.

Lawn Quencher™ is a product developed by the innovative Lawn Company Team for Domestic Lawn Owners.  It is the solution to lawn hydration.

Take a look at your lawn and you will see localised dry patches, maybe as a result of last years or this years drought.  Dry Patches on your lawn do not occur only during or after a drought, they can be there all year where damaged areas of the lawn have formed a hard and dry crust.

You will not resolve these dry and crusty patches / areas with simply water as the lawns surface has become hydrophobic and is repelling any natural or artificial water.

PREVENTS localised dry patches
RECOVERS stressed & damaged turf
ENHANCES and improves water penetration
RETAINS and conserves water

We are working hard on the product web site currently.  The new tablets are 75 grams sold in singles / doubles or boxes of six.

Prices start at £15.00 for a single tablet that will treat up to 1,000 sqm of lawn.