A water soluble powder containing 95% Ferrous Sulphate – Sulphate of Iron for greening up turf and moss control.

This is the product found in many domestic fertiliser ‘three in one’ formulations that is responsible for the moss turning black. It can also be used to provide a rapid green up of turf ahead of a special event in a garden on the lawn. This is so much better than traditional Lawn Sand. The sand in Lawn Sand is just the carrier of the products – Iron and Sulphate of Ammonia.

You will get a rapid green up of the turf for around 6 weeks, with fantastic moss control properties too – so long as the moss is really wetted during application, thus water volume is so important. The plan should be to apply Soluble Iron and then apply a granular lawn fertiliser a few weeks later.

As the greenness of the Iron wears off, the fertiliser has already started to work and kicks in to promote a steady pattern of growth.

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