You do not have to travel far too see how drought ridden the lawns are in the South East.

One interesting rain fact – to the end of August this year, we have had less rain than in the same period last year and you will recall, last year was really hot and sunny and dry.

The problem this year is the drought conditions have occured because of a few really hot days, lack of rain plus strong drying winds evaporating vital water from the garden and lawns at a rate of up to 5mm per hour during daylight hours.

In these really dry lawn areas, if you renovate with new grass seed, it will simply not grow until the localised dry areas have been treated with a liquid, granule or tablet wetting agent / surfactant – a substance to break down the crust on the surface of the lawn and then try and prevent it building up again.

Nothing will grow without water so try using a wetting agent tablet via a hose feeder / diluter and once such product from The Lawn Company is Lawn Quencher – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy.