The last week of July proved to be a little wet but great for your lawns!

August should be a great time of year to enjoy your garden with your family and friends.  The lawn is after all the carpet of the room outside.

On a sunny day when the temperature is around 24 degrees centigrade, the natural evapo-transpiration water loss from the surface of a lawn can be 40mm between the hours of 11:00 am – 18:00 so unless we all get 40mm plus of rainfall that night, to replemish the natural water loss, we can quickly get into a water deficit without really thinking too hard about it.

A local Golf Club to our office will put down about 1 million litres of water a night onto the greens, tees and fairways.  During the next summer day, they may naturally lose up to 45% of the water applied the night before meaning that they need to apply 1.43 million litres the next night to compensate for the evaoporation.  You get the idea.  At some point they will give up watering the fairways and concentrate on the greens and tees only.

What can you do with your lawn this month?

  • Get to grips with your lawn weed control to conserve vital water supplies from natural rainfall or irrigation
  • Raise the height of cut of the mower and mow in an alternate direction
  • Tidy the edges and trim any shrub overhang
  • Hold off repairing any areas with new grass seed unless you can keep the patches wet with very regular watering
  • Use a Wetting Agent Tablet to cure localised dry patches and get these areas moist to a depth so that they are ready to overseed them at a later date, like in September
  • Order your granular lawn fertiliser to be forearmed and ready to help your lawn get out of drought conditions
  • Keep and eye out for lawn disease, in particular Red Thread
  • Control Ants with Combat Max Ant Killer
  • Plan your autumn lawn renovation process and get prepared ahead of time to beat the rush

Enjoy your summer and your lawn as your living external carpet!