There are a lot of lawns being ruined by worm casts with recent rainfall, with multi sticky mounds of soil coming through the lawn.

Earthworm festations can be massive, with many thousands per every 100 square metres. It is not the worms that are directly the problem, but their castings on your lawn.

CastClear is the lawn treatment for worms and their casts and when applied correctly with a garden sprayer, the product will form a barrier layer in the soil that the Earthworms do not like passing through and they will stay deeper in the soil profile.

CastClear comes in three sizes:

1,000 ml treats up to 500 sqm and costs RRP £29.99

500 ml treats up to 250 sqm and costs RRP £19.99

250 ml treats up to 125 sqm and costs RRP £9.99

All three units of sale are readily available from The Lawn Shop – carriage paid as well.