Dry Patch is a little known problem of turf in amateur lawn circles but one that has an incredible impact in ensuring consistent colour, growth, nutrient status, run of the ball and most of all visual impact and continuity of grass cover but this problem has nothing to do with lack of rain or potential drought.

You may notice a darkening halo on parts of the lawn, visible from the upstairs window. This is a good indicator that the soil underneath is starting to or has dried out.

This little-known phenomenon is not only related to drought conditions but even if you are watering the lawn on a regular basis all throughout the year, some areas will still never become wet naturally to a depth, thus promoting grass growth in these areas. The surface of these areas will become dry and crusty and thatchy and be void of grass that cannot grow without water.

A Wetting Agent is used to alleviate localised ‘Dry Patch’ areas on a lawn or grass area. These areas have appeared because the soil-acting bacteria have made the soil hydrophobic (repelling water) and until you can get these areas wet again, nothing will grow.

Lawn Quencher is a clever lawn dry patch remedy in a handy 77 gram tablet size which will drop right into your chosen hose feeder. It will treat up to 1,000 sqm dependant upon water flow and temperature.

Please follow this programme to eradicate Dry Patch with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet:

Apply once an evening in the first week – Curative

Apply once a week for the remaining weeks of the first month – Curative

Apply once a month thereafter between March and September – Preventative

Place the wetting agent tablet into a hose feeder / diluter and apply to localised areas or the entire lawn until it foams on the surface.