Should you have an area of your lawn that is always failing to respond to fertiliser applications, over seeding and some general renovation, then it is probably a localised Dry Patch problem.

Solve this with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet – The solution to lawn hydration and lawn dry patch remedy.

Lawn Quencher is a handy 75 gram wetting agent tablet that you pop into your hose end feeder / diluter and apply.

Get the soil wet again and you should be able to grow grass in these areas once again. I use mine for general plant watering too and also for getting wet dog urine burns on the lawn just prior to and after seeding.

Please follow this programme to eradicate Lawn Dry Patch –

Apply once an evening in the first week – Curative

Apply once a week for the remaining weeks of the first month – Curative

Apply once a month thereafter between March and September – Preventative

They really work too! Available in The Lawn Shop. See featured products below.