Here are your lawn care tips for this month.

September is a great time of year for renovating your lawn but so can be October, often with slightly better weather albeit it cooler nights.

Teh soil is still warm from the summer and the grass yields have been pretty good this year as we have had a lot of rain. No Indian summer for us this year but let that not srevent you from still enjoying your lawn and garden this month.

If you have not applied a granular lawn fertiliser for the autumn, now is the time to do it and you can use a spring and summer fertiliser but at a reduced rate of say 20 grams per square metre. The Nitrogen will stop releasing when the soil temperatures drop so less risk of a grass factory.  You could also apply a Soluble Lawn Fertiliser.

Apply CastClear to prevent the Earthworm casts being a problem and treat any remaining localoised dry patches with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet. Treat any final lawn weeds present with a Selective Lawn Weed Killer to get the surface clean.

Arrange to get your lawn mower booked iin for a service but not to the detriment of not mowing the lawn in the months of October, November or December. IF it is still growing, you may only mow it monthly but it still requires mowing! You do not get out if it that easily!