Lawns often feature on the Royal Horticultural Society’s Top 10 garden problems each year so why not have a top 10 lawn tips to help you through this autumn. The nights are closing in and ideal mowing days reducing dramatically. We have not had many frosts in the South East of England which is quite suprising for the end of October but you just know that winter is around the corner and we will soon be scraping the ice off the car windscreen in the morning and view frost on the lawn.

Here are our October Care Lawn Tips :-

1. Keep mowing the lawn, even if it is only once every four weeks or so.
2. Make sure you remove the dead leaves and needles off the lawn weekly
3. Trim back any over hanging shrubs and bushes that are growing over the lawn
4. Fertilise the lawn with a good autumn lawn fertiliser, sooner than later
5. Control any moss and lawn weeds now!
6. Aerate the lawn monthly over the autumn and winter months
7. Control the worm casts to prolong the mowing season and retain the grass cover
8. Keep off frosty lawns until the frost has burnt off in the autumn sunshine.
9. Buy a Lawn Guide to get a greater insight into lawns and their care
10 In your new 2020 diary, make an entry to fertilise the lawn every three months

That should keep any lawn owner busy for a few weeks!