The lawns in the South East of the United Kingdom are in drought conditions now.

March was a very dry month with only 39mm of rain falling in Woking, Surrey compared to 94mm last March. April has so far been exceptionally for an April Showers months with only 15.4mm compared to 61mm last year.

With multi lawns still suffering with bare areas as a result of last years drought and high temperature, the current dry weather is not really helping anyone trying to renovate lawns.

If you were luck enough to have fertilised your lawn early March, then well done. Try and catch up on some selective weed control as these take up vital available water that could benefit the turf grasses in the lawn. When it is dry, the weeds shut down their metabolism too so the control products will take longer to work so be patient or hold off until some decent rainfall is forecast. Who knows when this may be….