As August arrives with us, a warm week ahead is predicted for the South East at least.  In July, there were 13 days with some rain and 22.8mm of rainfall locally to our office and we always state that any rainfall in July is always welcome.

August can be a hard month for the garden and grass as you spend a lot of time spent on watering the garden and trying to keep it all going and looking great with maybe a family break thrown in for good measure.

Your lawn care tasks for August could include:

  • Resolving dry patches with a wetting agent
  • Catching up on some vital lawn weed control
  • Fertilising with a slow release granular or soluble fertiliser
  • Trimming lawn edges and some shrub overhang
  • Over seeding some bare areas
  • Keeping an eye out for Red Thread Disease

Autumn renovations will soon be upon us as we near September so try and beat the rush and get your lawn renovation productions ordered early so you have them to hand when you require them.  In the Lawn Shop, we have plenty of stocks available to service our large customer base.

Whatever you have planned for August, enjoy your lawn, garden and the weather and be thankful that the wider COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed.  Fingers crossed.