It’s been a wet and windy week and certainly not conducive to gardening with a wet Friday start to the Bank Holiday Weekend and hopefully some improving weather but not really hot.

If you have taken advantage of the ‘Eat out to Help Out’, you may need to do some gardening to get rid of some additional pounds and what better way than to mow the lawn in a couple of directions and trim those lawn edges.

Hopefully you managed to grab a staycation in the UK rather than battling to travel abroad and have return home refreshed and ready to think about some autumn lawn renovations.

Time to tackle the last of the late summer weed control tasks and try and resolve some of the localized dry patches on the lawn and to feed the lawn again to help it along now that the drought is well and truly over.

With the recent rainfall, those pesky lawn worm cast mounds are starting to appear on the lawn and if left uncontrolled, will quickly smear into sticky layers smothering the turf grasses.

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