The great thing about being into lawns is that you are always in demand and undertaking Lawn Consultancy contracts forms a big part of our business concept.

Having said this, to acquire a degree in turf culture takes years of study and examinations and also years of ‘on the job training’ too which supplements the theory, the final degree examinations being some 21 hours long. And you thought it was just ‘grass’…

There are a lot of so called lawn experts and specialists alike who appear to give incorrect information about basic and more in-depth lawn treatments, cultural and mechanical practices associated with lawns and their care. Why, we are not sure.

Over 39 years of hands on practical, technical and commercial knowledge of lawns and their care available free at your fingertips. Use the information freely as you will not find better on the internet.

There are pages and pages of lawn care advice on The Lawn Shop accessible via

Should you require a lawn specialist to spend a bit more dedicated time with you and your green sward, why not consider booking up for a Lawn Consultancy. We will even go as far as offering ourselves for some one to one lawn care training on a daily rate plus travel expenses. It would be money worth spent and supported by our technical articles on here.

You will soon have the necessary missing bit of the puzzle….