Our Managing Director, Mike Seaton, is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Groundsmanship and has had an extensive career in the turf and lawn industry.

‘Being a lawn specialist is a bit like being a Doctor at a party. The lawn is after all the carpet of the room outside and the lawn is often the largest part of the garden and the most neglected by many.’

Mike has been included in the Royal Horticultural Society Speaker and Judge online listings to give talks about lawns or judge lawns and turf at gardening shows.

The knowledge base found on this web site is supported by over 39 years, hands on practical, technical, and commercial experience in the sports turf and leisure industry. If you think you do not need qualifications to practice professionally in the science and practice of turf culture, I’ll tell you that my final degree exams were 21 hours long and all from memory and no course work!

With a structured career path ranging from a humble Groundsman marking the white lines on a football pitch or preparing a first class cricket wicket, or selling turf care products to the professional industry to treating weeds on golf courses and renovating lawns large and small for everyday people or Royalty.

You see, they all have a problem lawn so why should you be different?

Mike and his Team have developed three lawn and garden care products, available in this Lawn Shop and all are unique products in current garden retail.

If you are a member of the Press & Media, look at Mike’s profile as a grass. lawn and turf specialist on Expert Sources.