We think that this May will be the wettest May on record if this spell of wet weather continues.

Having said this, the month of April was a bit short in the rainfall figures so nature always has a good way of balancing out.  With 24 days on the calendar for May, only 4 have not featured rainfall but there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel because after the Bank Holiday weekend, the weather is forecast to be getting much better, warmer and dryer.

In a normal year without pandemic restrictions, the summer social season would have commenced with the Boat Race, then The Derby, The Grand National and then it’s Royal Ascot, Boodles Tennis at the Queens Club, Henley Royal Regatta and the Tennis at Wimbledon to name a few.  It’s a bit different this year for us all.  Whilst the high society are usually quaffing Champagne at summer events, let’s take a look at some of the lawn care tasks their at home gardening teams will be performing in their absence:

  1. Fertilise your lawns with their second treatment of the year to ward off Red Thread Disease and keep them in tip top condition
  2. Pick up on any lawn weed control
  3. Control Anthills
  4. Trim the edges
  5. Service the lawn mower or at least check the blade and change the oil and inspect the air filter and plug
  6. Apply a wetting agent to cure or prevent localised dry patches, Apply as a liquid, granular or hose diluter tablet
  7. Over seed with new grass seed any bare areas like shrub overhang areas
  8. Keep a sharp look out for Chafer Beetle Larvae eating your grass roots and treat with Biological Nematodes
  9. No harm in some light scarification to lift up the flowering ‘bents’
  10. Change the direction of the mower each time you mow
  11. Move the garden furniture and trampolines so that the grass does not die underneath if it stays in one position for weeks on end
  12. Finally, enjoy your lawn, maybe sat in the lounger sipping Champagne

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