It still feels like winter out there and we have not yet seen the spring burst of grass growth.  April was the third coldest April in almost 140 years, the Met Office has said, and had the lowest average minimum temperature since 1922.

April was also the frostiest and driest on record. The Met Office said just 4.7mm of rainfall had fallen in England since the start of the month. The driest on record is 1938, when there was just 6.7mm of rain.  WE have now had some decent rain to help lift the lawns out of the winte doldrums.

The poor lawns are still in the winter doldrums so an application of Soluble Iron to colour them up and retard the moss will be gratefully received.

Now is the time to get the lawn mower out if you have not done so already and think about putting down a slow release spring and summer fertiliser.   Soon you will have a nice and lush lawn.