As we enter November after a rather wet October where we saw 24 days days with rainfall out of a potential 31 days and 131mm of rain there were not many days to get out into the garden to tend to the lawn.

In the month of November there are still a lot of jobs that you can complete on your lawn and garden to get it ready for winter:

  1. Trim the lawn edges
  2. Clear the fallen leaves & twigs
  3. Mow bi-weekly
  4. Control Lawn Worm Casts
  5. Apply a Spring & Summer Fertiliser at half dose rate to boost vigour and well being
  6. Treat with some Soluble Iron to retard any Moss
  7. Light surface aeration
  8. Book the Lawn Mower in for a service
  9. It is still mild enough to apply a selective weed killer to pick up on remaining lawn weeds
  10. Treat any visible weeds on the patio and driveway with a total weed killer
  11. Tidy the garden shed
  12. Buy spring lawn care products

There are a lot of advice articles on this web site and detailed information on the products available to purchase to help you create a lawn to be proud of.  If you have a specific lawn enquiry, you can send an image and detail to for assistance.