With an Indian summer and warm temperatures in September, October has started with a crash with colder weather and rain.

Storm Alex and another low-pressure system will buffet parts of the UK with strong winds and heavy showers over the next three days, bringing the possibility of localised flooding and travel disruptions reports Rory Sullivan in the Independent Newspaper today.

Forecasters have said that parts of the English south coast could see winds of up to 65mph and could experience flooding by the end of Sunday.

As a result of Storm Alex, named by Meteo France, the Met Office has issued weather warnings for wind and rain on Friday for a large band stretching along the south coast from Cornwall to Kent and also for a small area north of Cardiff.  These alerts are followed by further rain warnings for much of the UK on Saturday and Sunday, after another band of wet weather arrives from the east.

Steve Ramsdale, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said the forecast was a “miserable end to the working week”.
Bearing the weather in mind, it does look unlikely that you will be out in the garden much this weekend but this does not prevent you thinking about the tasks that need to be done in the month of October:
  • Scarify to remove built up thatch and fibre and clear the debris by mowing with collector on
  • Aerate with a solid tine
  • Trim borders and path edges
  • Control Earthworm Casts with CastClear
  • Fertilise the lawn with a granular lawn fertiliser
  • Pick up on any lawn weed control
  • Apply Soluble Iron for Moss Control
  • Improve localised dry patches with a Lawn Quencher wetting agent tablet
  • Repair any bare areas with some soil dressing and grass seed
  • Clear up any fallen tree and leaf litter
  • Tidy the shed
  • Service the lawn mower and sharpen the blade

Don’t forget that the lawn will not stop growing at all so do not plan to stop mowing.  The mowing yield may reduce as the night time temperature reduce and you may only mow twice a month and then once a month in November / December but always keep your lawn trimmed as it lifts the overall visual of the garden.

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