Don’t leave it to the final moment in the new calendar year to get your lawn mower serviced as your chosen service centre will have a full order book. Get in early to beat the rush is the best advice.

You can still mow a lawn in the period November to February if ground conditions permit, maybe only once a month but you will still be mowing it!

You may not know that a typical mower blade rotates at around 60 mph so using a damaged or blunt blade can unsettle the smooth rotation of the blade and stability of the whole mower. This includes ride on and pedestrian mowers.

Remember to chance the lawn mower oil many times throughout the year and remove the spark plug cap before you attempt any maintenance on the lawn mower.

If you have to tip a pedestrian mower over, remember to tip it against the direction of the carburettor to avoid the fuel coming out of the engine onto the lawn.