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Asulox is the only commercially available control product for Bracken Control. It is based on an active ingredient called Asulam. The product having 400 grams per Litre of soluble Asulam Salt contained within it.

Apply at 11 Litres per Hectare. Approx cost of treatment per Hectare will therefore be ?187.00 for the chemical only.

Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) is a vigorous and aggressive fern, spreading rapidly by means of strong underground stems or \”rhizomes\”. It has a wide soil tolerance, doing particularly well on deep acidic soils, but it is intolerant of waterlogged soils. Bracken is a major weed in many upland and upland margin areas, causing management problems in agriculture, forestry, conservation, game management and recreation.

Bracken for the uneducated amongst us is the tall green fern like weed that you see growing in the woodlands. It starts as a really small plant and grows to almost 6 feet high. In the autumn months, it will bronze off and die back. In the next spring, up it pops again, having spread a little further as a result of it\’s very strong underground root rhizomes.

Left untreated, the weed will become very invasive. Heathland Golf Courses for example, implement a programme of annual Bracken Control with the emphasis of \’pushing\’ the Bracken back further into the woodland, away from the edges of their golf course rough.

When sprayed in the months of June/July/Early August, you do not immediately see much of a result. Results from treatments made in the previous summer are seen by dramatic reduction in density of the Bracken, if not total eradication.

The product is pretty safe to neighbouring ornamental plants (with a few exceptions) and it is therefore safe to spray over and around plant species where the weed is a problem. It is a very selective control product.

Timing of application is important for effective results. To ensure maximum absorption and translocation to the rhizome, Bracken should be sprayed when the fronds are fully expanded and bright green, and before any die-back occurs. This is usually mid-July to late August, depending on the altitude and season. Rain within 24 hours of spraying will reduce effectiveness.

Bracken spores are believed to be carcinogenic. Spore production may occur in some parts of the country, particularly during warm, dry conditions, but seldom in Scotland. A face-mask should be worn when working in spore-producing Bracken, though Bracken control generally takes place before spores are produced, thus before the end of August.

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