10 Kg NMAXX Slow Release Spring & Summer Fertiliser 25-5-12


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Lawn Shop Lawn Fertiliser – NMAXX is the most efficient stabilised nitrogen source available fresh from the USA. Why not innovate by using this fantastic NEW lawn fertiliser product, which has never been offered to UK lawn owners before?

In a handy 10 Kg Bucket so use what you need and keep the lid shut tight afterwards and it will store if kept dry and sealed until it is time to feed your lawns again in 3 months time!

Area covered by:

2.5 Kg – 84 sqm

5.0 Kg – 166 sqm

10 Kg – 333 sqm

20 Kg – 666 sqm

If you manage a lawn treatment company or garden maintenance company offering a lawn fertilising service, the NMAXX range is the best suited range for your needs as it offers new technology at a very low unit cost per square metre. Prices may be negotiated for multi bag orders.

It is not slow or controlled release but a uniquely formulated Nitrogen source with two proprietary enzyme blockers that minimize urea nitrogen loss to the atmosphere and groundwater. More Nitrogen stays in the soil where the turf grass plants need it, in its stable, ammonium form. You apply nitrogen fertiliser to feed your turf and plants, and NMAXX insures they get as much of this essential nutrient as intended. Stabilised Nitrogen does not require microbial breakdown of chemical bonds or a sulphur coating to accomplish this longevity. It simply prevents microbial oxidation of the ammoniacal form of nitrogen for a period of time, depending on the concentration of the nitrification inhibitor Dicyandiamide included in the product.

With an analysis of 25-5-12 plus 2% Magnesium it is an ideal early spring and summer fertiliser for all lawn types containing 50% NMAXX.

The mini prill granule is totally soluble in a matter of hours. It is not easily picked up by mowing practices unlike the sulphur coated types favoured by many of the lawn treatment companies.

Each fertiliser granule contains equal amounts of nutrients which ensures even coverage and growth patterns.

The release of Nitrogen will be over a 12 – 16 week period with some initial green up as some of the nutrients are available to the turf grasses within a few days following application, without the rapid vegetative growth flushes that can be experienced from some conventional mineral lawn fertilisers. It has a low scorch potential if properly applied, allowing ease of application.

One 10 Kg Bucket will cover 333 square metres per single application when applied at the recommended rate of 30 grams per square metre. The typical cost per single square metre will be 8.7 pence.

Best applied via a spinning disc fertiliser spreader. Contains no moss control and no selective weed killer.

Re-apply every three months throughout the year from February up until October then apply at half dose rate as an Autumn and Winter Fertiliser.


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