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Lawn Shop Lawn Fertiliser – An opportunity to get your own back on the many Lawn Treatment Companies by purchasing the same ‘Non Scorch Technology’ Sulphur Coated Fertiliser products that the majority of them use.

In a very handy 5 Kg Bucket so use what you need and keep the lid shut tight afterwards and it will store if kept dry and sealed until it is time to feed your lawns again in 3 months time!

A multi-phased slow release spring & summer granular fertiliser suitable for all lawn types. With an analysis of 22-4-20 plus 2% Magnesium.

Area covered by:

2.5 Kg – 84 sqm

5.0 Kg – 166 sqm

10 Kg – 333 sqm

20 Kg – 666 sqm

Each fertiliser granule contains equal amounts of nutrients which ensures even coverage and growth patterns. The nutrients will difuse through the tough sulphur based outer coating over time subject to water and temperature availability within the soil.

The practice of mowing may ‘crack open’ some of the granules that have remained on the surface, resulting in a rapid colouring up of turf and vegetative growth. This is why Lawn Treatment Companies lawns are so green, you can hardly look at them and you end up fighting with the growth and grass length.

The release of Nitrogen will be over a 12 week period (so long as the mower does not break open the granules) with some initial green up as some of the nutrients are available to the turf grasses within a few days following application, without the rapid vegetative growth flushes that can be experienced from some conventional mineral lawn fertilisers. It has a low scorch potential if properly applied, allowing ease of application.

One 5 Kg Bucket will cover 166 square metres per single application when applied at the recommended rate of 30 grams per square metre. The typical cost per single square metre will be 10 pence. A lower rate of application can be adopted, such as 20 grams per square metre.

Best applied via a spinning disc fertiliser spreader. Contains no moss control or selective weed killer.

Re-apply every three months throughout the year from February to October then switch to an autumn and winter fertiliser.



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