EVS2150 – EarthWay Estate Professional Rotary Fertiliser Spreader

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The Lawn Shop Fertiliser Spreader – A professional quality rotary broadcast spreader ideal for the larger Do it Yourself and Professional Users. The spreader enables the user to evenly distribute fertiliser products over a given area. It’s a great little spreader for the cost and will provide years of service if it is looked after after use!

The spreader has large 13 x 4 pneumatic tyres on rustproof rims, adjustable handle bar height, solid direct connection linkage for positive flow control, accurate and easy calibration. A large plastic hopper capacity of 21.7 litres , max weight capacity 22.7 kg, a super duty gear box, precision rate control lever located high on the handle, a stainless steel shut-off plate with left and right side throwing ports that allows spread pattern adjustments to account for material size or density. A heavy duty frame.

For the granular fertiliser we sell on this web site, the setting should be on setting K to apply approx 30grams per square metre. The easy way to calibrate any spreader is to set the spreader on the desired setting, place some product in the hopper, place a sheet of polythene 1 metre square onto the driveway (not the lawn!) walk over the polythene, with the hopper gate open so the fertiliser is flowing and being spun on the spinning disc, make two passes if the polythene has not been evenly covered with fertiliser by only one pass of the spreader and then collect up the material on the polythene and weigh it making sure that you place a small plastic bag into the scales first. If you end up with either 20 or 30 grams per single square metre then you are doing it right!

If you are only getting 15 grams then fertilise the lawn in two passes, the second at right angles to the first so as to provide sufficient fertiliser and even coverage. The majority of lawn fertiliser scorch problems occur mainly through the effect of the Iron content of lawn fertilisers as it is often the iron that causes the scorch burn.

Make sure that you are not standing still on the lawn with the hopper gate open and also that you are actually moving BEFORE you open the hopper trigger so as to avoid a dump on the lawn. Make the first pass around the edges of the lawn first – called a headland, then work up and down being careful to match in the fertiliser swaths. The product is part coloured so after a little practice, you should become good at it!

Another tip is to mow the lawn first and then follow your mowing lines. Walk at your normal walking pace and if you knwo the size of your lawn and can easily calculate that you have ot applied enough then go over the lawn again at right angles as described above. How can you expect the results if you only put on half the rate of fertiliser?

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