Water Soluble UFLEXX 33.5.14 Slow Release Spring & Summer Fertiliser – 10 Kg


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The Lawn Shop water-soluble fertiliser is ideal should you wish to mix an apply a selective weed killer and a cost effective fertiliser product to a lawn or turf area thus making just one application with a knapsack or garden sprayer.

With a nutrient analysis of 33.5.14 featuring a unique soluble, slow release nitrogen that is safe to apply and lasts for up to 3 months. It will provide some initial green up without the rapid vegetative growth flushes that can be experienced from conventional lawn fertilisers. It does not need watering in and will not scorch if applied correctly.

This product has the same technology as The Lawn Shop UMAXX granular fertiliser. We always recommend that you apply a granular fertiliser in the early spring and follow up with a soluble fertiliser such as this for your second and third feed. If you have a large area of lawn or turf to feed then water-soluble fertiliser have a far lower cost per single square metre than granulars.

It is in a stabilized slow release form, featuring highly soluble, micro prilled urea with both chemical additives that provide the same benefits of optimum nitrogen efficiency and extended longevity.

It will come in a resealable plastic pail so you can clip the lid shut and keep the moisture out for storage and future use.

This product is usually applied at 20 Kg per 10,000 square metres in a minimum of 200 litres of water. A 10 Kg bucket will cover 5,000 sqm in a minimum of 100 litres of water. It will cost just over 1 pence per square metre to feed your lawn or turf area so very cost effective when used in conjunction with granular lawn fertilisers.

Simply work out how much you need and dissolve in a plastic bucket before adding to the spray tank ahead of application.

Apply every 3 months during the growing season and switch to the autumn formulation in September or October.

The fertiliser mixes well with selective weed control liquids and is easy to apply, especially with the Spray Indicator Dye.

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