LA2 Quality Hard Wearing Lawn Seed




The Lawn Shop Popular and Hard wearing Lawn Seed Mixture is a proven mixture for an attractive resilient sward. It is ideal for housing, industrial areas, parks and general play areas. This mixture establishes fast and withstands a range of mowing regimes.

The seed once established will produce a dense lawn which when fertilised on a regular basis will maintain an excellent sward, capable of withstanding the wear expected from an informal lawn area such as a family lawn.

It is important to alleviate soil compaction and use a pre-seed fertiliser prior to sowing. When cutting, it is important to keep the mower blades relatively high eg: 25mm.

The seed mixture contains 80% amenity dwarf Perennial Ryegrass, 15% Strong Creeping Red fescue and 5% Smooth-Stalked Meadow grass

Apply to new lawns at a rate of 35 grams per sqm or over seeding at 20 grams per sqm.

If you are planning to scarify your lawn always over seed it with grass seed afterwards. If your lawn is looking thin, then over seed it before the weeds and moss get a hold.

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