Conservation Mixture - CON

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The Lawn Shop Conservation Lawn Seed and Wild Flora Mixture is a blend of 90% grasses and 10% wild flora to help in a conservation project.

The best thing is that it will not require mowing more than once, usually very late autumn to tidy the area up a little after 10 months growing!

It is important to alleviate soil compaction and with this mixture you do not require a pre-seed fertiliser prior to sowing.

The grass seed mixture contains - 20% Calliope Chewings Fescue, 20% Cosmolit Meadow Fescue, 20% Crested Dogstail, 10% Herald Strong Creeping Fescue, 10% Bornito Sheeps Fescue, 15% Highland Browntop Bent, 0.8% Ox-eye Daisy, 0.2% Ribwort Plantain, 0.8% Common Vetch, 0.85% Corn Cockle, 0.25% Corn Poppy, 0.8% Red Campion, 0.5% Self Heal, 0.8% Borage

Apply to new areas at a rate of 5 grams per sqm.




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