Horse and Pony Paddock Grass Seed - LA12

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The Lawn Shop Horse, Pony and Paddock Seed Mixture will provide nutritional grazing throughout the season and can be conserved for hay production. The high density ground cover resists poaching.

The seed mixture will establish quickly, provide great quality grazing and palatable grass suitable for hay production.

It is important to alleviate soil compaction and use a pre-seed fertiliser prior to sowing. When cutting, it is important to keep the mower blades relatively high eg: 30mm if the Ponies and Horses do not mow it for you.

The seed mixture contains -24% Boyne Premium Dipoid Intermediate Perennial Rye Grass, 44% Foxtrot Diploid late Perennial Rye Grass, 8% Erecta Timothy, 8% Cosmolit Meadow Fescue, 16% Herald Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Apply to areas at a rate of 12.5 Kg per Acre or 12.5 Kg per 4040 sqm. That's a ultra low rate of only 3.12 grams per sqm.


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