Drag Mat - 1.83 Metres Wide - 21060

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A Dragmat is a really useful hand tool on small areas of lawns for rubbing in dressing materials during routine surface renovation on lawns, large and small.

The only Dragmats constructed from Stainless Steel. Supplied complete with Chain Bridle, Handle and connection Draw Bar. All roll up for storage.

It is literally dragged over the lawns surface behind the user. It can also be used for morning dew disperal, over seeding and lifting the grass prior to mowing too.

With the handle removed, it can be used behind a mini tractor or tractor or in conjunction with a larger mechanical top dressing machine to work the material into the surface of the lawn.

Specification - this model is 1.83 Metres in width or 72 Inches, 1.0 Metre long and weighs 19.30 Kg. It is 1.21 Metres long.


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