Levelawn Lute - Deluxe Model - 1.01 Metres - 30400

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This handy metal tool is used for working Top Dressing (soil based material) into the surface of a lawns to restore the micro levels. It is one of the most used hand tools by Turf Managers when renovating fine turf surfaces during autumn or spring renovations.

Non - reversible levelling grid for many uses on turf surfaces, shale, gravel paths and seed beds.


The two sides of the Lute have completely different profiles: One side has smooth edges for spreading top dressings and levelling prior to laying turf or seeding and for collecting cores after hollow tining. The other side has sharp edges for working-in top dressings, cutting back high spots etc.


Specification - this model is 0.9144 Metres wide or 40 Inches and weighs 4.55 Kg. Very robust and ideal for most finishing work. Strong box section construction with extra bracing supports to help maintain stiffness. All models are supplied complete with a handle ready to use.






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