Sarel Spiking Roller - 0.6 Metres Wide - 10060

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Three widths of Sarel Aerator Rollers are available, enabling a choice to be made to suit your requirements. The Sarel Spiking Roller can acheive up to 250 holes per single square metre! Creating holes will aid water & air penetration in the upper most surface of the turf, greatly improving root growth, and ideal for use prior to over seeding an area and general turf maintenance throughout the year.

This spiked roller is ideal for surface aeration on lawns large and small plus fine turf areas such as Bowling Greens, Croquet Lawns, Tennis Courts and Cricket Squares without disrupting play.

The holes made by the spikes allow the often hot and stale soil air to exchange with the fresh air, thus cooling the turf and also allowing the penetration of dew and irrigation water, ideal when the weather is dry and warm. Allows applied soil based top dressing materials to integrate with the turf with ease. Use of the Sarel Spiking Roller will assist in the prevention of 'Dry Patch'.

Sarels may be pushed or pulled depending upon ground conditions and depth of penetration required but with experience they are easier to pull!

Each large spiked section is 28cm in diameter, calculated to avoid tearing of the turf. The Tensile Steel Spikes are 6mm in diameter, and 45mm in length. Each spike is replaceable, held on with a nylock nut.


Also coupled to each unit is a 12cm diameter roller for transportation across hard surfaces and for use as a ground rolling tool.


Specification - 0.6 Metres wide, or 24 Inches, weight of 54 Kg - with 126 spikes.

For use on Golf Greens, Bowling Greens, Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Croquet Lawns & larger Gardens. Fits through most doorways.






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