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Pan Lawn Weed Killer is a soluble concentrate formulation for use on lawns to control a wide range of broad -leaved weeds such as White Clover, Dandelions, Daisies, Self Heal, Buttercups and Yarrow.

It contains 70g/l 2,4-D, 70 g/l MCPA and 42 g/l Mecoprop-P plus 20 g/l Dicamba.

Application rate is 10ml of Pan Lawn Weed Killer in 10 Litres of water per 10 square metres.  This equates to 100ml in 100 litres of water per 100 square metres.

The 0.5 Litre or 500ml bottle will therefore cover up to 500 square metres making it very cost effective for larger lawns.  Repeat at 6 week intervals until the weeds have gone.

In our view, this is what would be classed as a home and garden lawn weed killer but one that has a semi professional strength with four powerful active ingredients to tackle troublesome lawn weeds.

Why not consider using with Indigo Garden Spray Dye so you can see where you have or have not treated with your garden sprayer.



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