Indigo Garden Spray Indicator Dye™ – 125ml


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Indigo Garden Spray Indicator Dyeis a brand NEW product for Gardeners. Accurately determining previously sprayed areas and avoid misses and over lapping has always been a problem for lawn owners applying liquids via a sprayer.

Indigo Garden Spray Indicator Dyeis a clever liquid that is mixed into a garden sprayer containing your chosen treatment spray solution.  When you start spraying your lawn or driveway etc, Indigo will literally provide a temporary visible spray pattern to show where you have or have not treated / sprayed.

It will save you time, money, treatment product, effort and the guess work when you make your next lawn treatment or driveway treatment.

A spray colourant will allow you to see where you have sprayed, where you have missed, where you should not have sprayed, when your sprayer is clean and in the unlikely event, where you may have contaminated yourself. So many benefits in one product!

Use at the rate of approx 3 ml to 1 litre of spray solution using the easy to measure and pour bottle.  More may be required on turf and lawns.  The quantity in the bottle should give you up to 40 litres of coloured spray solution.

The dye is a harmless blue colourant that has been specially developed to indicate exactly where the pesticide or fertiliser has been applied. This significantly reduces over lapping, missed areas, and prevents striping and scorching whilst greatly reducing chemical wastage.

Temporary marking only. Harmless to lawn grasses and other green plants. Not good for spraying onto desirable flowers or petals.  Readily dissolves in cold water.

Be very careful not to get the concentrate or diluted product onto stonework or terraces and patios. The diluted dye will wash off easily, but the concentrate is a little more troublesome and will remain visible until after a few rain showers have occured.

Always read the label before use and remember, a little goes a long way!

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