Safety Equipment Handbook


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What safety equipment is needed when applying pesticides? How do you select the best items for the job in hand? What standards and specifications are relevant? How do you work out what to do in new or special situations? Where can you get technical help? Whether you are a farmer, sprayer operator, contractor, horticulturalist, landscaper, greenkeeper, groundsman, PCO, or someone involved in amenity weed control, all this is information that you need at your fingertips.

The Safety Equipment Handbook provides answers to these and many other important questions.

This comprehensive guide includes:

  • Personal protective equipment covering protection for body, hands, face, eyes and ears
  • Respiratory protective equipment
  • Technical and engineering controls
  • Mixing and filling advice
  • Operational controls
  • Safety measures such as emergency contingency planning
  • Useful background on the regulations and standards for safety equipment and protective clothing

The handbook also contains a useful quick guide to using pesticides safely and information on purchasing protective clothing and equipment.

All in all it is essential reading for anyone who uses pesticides professionally.

Soft cover pp. 74
March 2002
ISBN 1 901396 06 1

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