Cooper Peglar CP15 – 15 Litre Classic Knapsack Sprayer

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This is one of the most commonly used knapsack sprayers utilised in the professional sportsturf market place today.

Economic, robust and accurate

The CP15 diaphragm pump sprayer is a tough and accurate sprayer. Due to its simple design, it has also an economic advantage for the buyer.

The CP15 diaphragm pump tolerates abrasive particles, like wettable powders and dirty water and there are no direct friction surfaces so it is also easy to pump.

A relief valve limits the pressure to approx. 1 bar, recommended for herbicides, and approx. 3 bar, recommended for fungicides and insecticides. The excess liquid simply returns to the tank.

No service maintenance or lubrication is required other than routine ceaning. The valves are corrosion resistant and the diaphragm is mineral resistant.

The CP15 is simple to use. The tank is not pressurized and spraying is controlled from the trigger valve. A lightweight yet very strong lance minimizes fatigue on the user wrist.

15 Litre tank capacity allowing an area of between 500 – 1000 sqm to be sprayed with one tankfull dependant upon the nozzle fitted. Operated by steady hand pumps via a diaphram pump mechanism. Ergonomic to wear and ideal for the application of turf care products to lawns large and small, especially when utilised with the Spray Indicator Dye.

Capacity is 15 litre. Impact proof and UV stabilized tank. Left or right location of pump arm. Contents scale molded into tank.

Different nozzle tips are also available & and we can provide you with an emailed Excel Calibration Sheet if required.

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