HECHT 415V – Hand Held Sprayer


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HECHT are manufactured and distributed by a company called WERCO based in the Czech Republic. They manufacture high quality professional and amateur hobby products at reasonable prices.

Each product offered under the HECHT trademark has to meet hard requirements for quality, reliability and flexible and long term availability of spare parts within the whole life time of the product.

This handy hand held sprayer is ideal for the application of liquids to small lawns and other garden areas. Fill it up, pump to working pressure and use it.

Product features include:

Adjustable Spraying Jet

Pressure Relief Valve

Pump Operation – Manual

Pump Type – Piston

Tank Volume – 2 Litres

Weight Empty – 0.5 Kg

Weight Full – 2.5 Kg

Instructions for use and manual in English

Use in conjuction with The Lawn Shop Spray Indicator Dye, to assist you see where you have and have not sprayed. Use of the dye takes the guess work out and saves time and over application which saves money and is better for the environment.

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