Lawn Quencher™ – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy – Two Tablets


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Lawn Quencher™ – Lawn Dry Patch Remedy – Wetting Agent Tablet – The Solution to Localised Dry Patches and Lawn Hydration

One Wetting Agent Tablet (75 Grams) will treat up to 1,000 sqm of lawn area dependant upon water inlet pressure and temperature via a hose feeder / diluter.

Use of these tablets are the solution to resolving Fairy Ring problems too and some users have remarked how a Fairy Ring in their lawn has almost disappeared following our programme of control.

PREVENTS localised dry patches

RECOVERS stressed and damaged turf

ENHANCES and improves water penetration

RETAINS and conserves water

The Wetting Agent Tablet is a unique blend of polymeric surfactants designed to increase water infiltration, improve water retention, provide rescue treatment for localised dry spot and reduce product handling.  The Wetting Agent Tablet convenient container fits into the in-line hose applicator/diluter with no product handling. The rescue surfactant can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive water management program promoting increased water infiltration and retention within the root zone. Severity of localised dry patch, water temperature, water pressure and application technique may cause coverage to vary. Each tablet will last approximately 40 minutes dependant upon water pressure passing though the Diluter.

The tablet is used to alleviate localised ‘Dry Patch’ areas on a lawn or grass area. These areas have appeared because the soil-acting bacteria have made the soil hydrophobic (repelling water) and until you can get these areas wet again, nothing will grow. A bit like trying to wet an old bathroom sponge, almost impossible. A by-product of their activity in breaking down thatch in the lawns surface is a waxy substance that coats the soil particles, thus preventing them absorbing available water.

It is important to get the lawns surface wet to a depth and consistently even across the complete surface area of the lawn to aid uniform growth and colour and make treatments effective. The wetting agent or surfactant will reduce the surface tension of the water droplet and make water wetter making it easier to be absorbed into the soil and break down the waxy coating surrounding some of the soil particles.

It is particularly good at reducing the activity of Fairy Rings by enabling you to get the soil in the immediate and not so immediate proximity of the fairy ring wet again. It is a liquid detergent that is safe to use on grass of a minimal salt content. This product is also –

The Hose Feeder / Diluter is not included in the cost of the Wetting Agent Tablet tablet but you can pick up one locally for around £10.00

Please follow this programme to eradicate Dry Patch –

Apply once an evening in the first week – Curative

Apply once a week for the remaining weeks of the first month – Curative

Apply once a month thereafter between March and September – Preventative

The Hose Feeder / Diluter is not included in the cost of the Wetting Agent Tablet tablet but you can pick up one locally for around £10.00

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