Walkover Turfmaster Trolley Sprayer – AZT02


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Walkover Sprayers are designed to make the application of liquid turf care treatments quick & easy. They have been made for over 20 years and are excellant robust and reliable practical trolley sprayers for Professional and Amature lawn owners.

The sprayer has a durable pump which is driven by the wheels, pumps the liquid under pressure through the spray nozzles, as you walk forward. It really is that straightforward and when they are full of spray solution, they are not hard to push! The provide an accurate method of application especially if used with a Spray Indicator Dye.

For the convenient and accurate application of weedkillers, fungicides, fertilisers and pesticides. For all turf and grass areas, gardens, allotments, bowling greens, golf greens, sportsgrounds, paddocks, pathways and drives, particularly block paved driveways.

With the ever increasing demand for organic and environmentally friendly products, Walkover Sprayers are the perfect solution for today?s groundsman or garden enthusiast.

The Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer is a twin nozzle sprayer with a 60 cm. spray width. The tank capacity is 25 litres. Suitable for larger gardens, cricket pitches, bowling greens, and some sportsground applications. Also suitable for driveways & large lawns.

Sprayer specification

Four wheels for stability

24 Inch (60cm) spray width

Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure

Strong steel frame construction

25 Litre tank capacity with removable stainless steel basket filter

Choice of spray nozzles available

One full tank covers 525 square metres

Time to empty one full tank is 12 Minutes

Can be used in conjunction with the Spray Indicator Dye

One full tank covers 525 square metres

Time to empty one full tank is 12 Minutes

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