Gallup Home & Garden – 360 g/l Glyphosate – 1 Lts

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Gallup Home and Garden is a domestic approved total systemic weed killer with an active ingredient of Glyphosate is a translocated total weed control formulation that will kill the majority of weeds and weed grasses in non crop areas. It is absorbed via the roots and travels down to kill the roots as well.

Glyphosate will turn weed grasses a pinky colour within about 10 days with other tougher weeds taking twice as long to show evidence of control before totally dying so be patient to let the product get to work in ideal growing conditions, with slower control in colder temperatures. There is no residual long lasting benefit and it will only control weeds that are presennt at thee time of applicaiton.

It will treat up to 2,000 square metres and is ideal for tough weeds and weed grasses growing where you want to kill off all green vegetation such as on path ways and driveways but be mindful not to let any spray drift get onto lawns – use of the Spray Pattern Indicator Dye such as Indigo Garden Spray Dye will help eliminate this risk.

We will happily provide a knapsack calibration sheet in a MS Excel format via email to assist you in the correct calibration of your knapsack. This ensures that you get the results that you are expecting and cost effective too!

In the unlikely event of being unable to supply this precise product, we will provide an equivalent product.

Use Pesticides Safely, always read the product label before use and wear the appropriate protective clothing when using the product.

Contains 360g/l Glyphosate in a soluble concentrate.

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