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Lawn Shop Wetting Agent - A wetting agent is a unique blend of polymeric surfactants designed to increase water infiltration, improve water retention, provide rescue treatment for localised dry spot and reduce product handling. The granular surfactant can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive water management program promoting increased water infiltration and retention within the root zone.

Severity of localised dry patch, water temperature, water pressure and application technique may cause coverage to vary.

There are options available to apply a granular product or a liquid wetting agent through a knapsack or in a tablet form via a hose diluter. All three options are avaiable from The Lawn Shop.

The granules can be applied after aeration at the end or start of the growing season to problem lawns and applied monthly thereafter until the end of the growing season and maybe switching to a liquid wetting agent formulation to treat difficult locolised dry areas. The trick is to apply ahead of any drought monthly between April - September.

The easily spreadable 2mm granules are used to alleviate localised ?Dry Patch? areas on a lawn or grass area. These areas have appeared because the soil-acting bacteria have made the soil hydrophobic (repelling water) and until you can get these areas wet again, nothing will grow. A bit like trying to wet an old bathroom sponge, almost impossible. A by-product of their activity in breaking down thatch in the lawns surface is a waxy substance that coats the soil particles, thus preventing them absorbing available water.

It is important to get the lawns surface wet to a depth and consistently even across the complete surface area of the lawn to aid uniform growth and colour and make treatments effective as a result of irrigation or natural rainfall. The wetting agent or surfactant will reduce the surface tension of the water droplet and make water wetter making it easier to be absorbed into the soil and break down the waxy coating surrounding some of the soil particles.

It is particularly good at reducing the activity of Fairy Rings by enabling you to get the soil in the immediate and not so immediate proximity of the fairy ring wet again. It is a liquid detergent that is safe to use on grass of a minimal salt content. This product is also -

A Wetting and Spreading Agent

A Soil Penetrant

A Re-Wetting Agent

Typical application rate for the granules is 16 grams per square metre. and they are available in 2.5 Kg (treats 150 sqm), 5 Kg (treats 300 sqm) and 10 Kg (treats 450 sqm) units of sale.

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Apply with a fertiliser spreader

For more information on the Diluter and Wetting Agent, Dry Patch and Fairy Rings, please refer to and type the words Dry Patch in the search facility. On the site you can also download the Technical Leaflet Dry Patch and Fairy Rings leaflets.


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