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Worms are great for the lawn but in the autumn through to the spring months their casts cause a really big problem on the lawns surface making it muddy, bumpy, wet and uneven.

Worm Cast control products have not been available to domestic lawn owners for about 20 years, until now. It does not kill the worms but deter them from entering the upper surface of the lawn and depositing their burrows soil on the surface of the lawn.

CastClear®has been selling in the Garden Retail Sector since 2012 and over 10,000 litres have been sold to date via 500+ Garden Centre Stockists. It has been trialled by Which? Gardening Team, who got 17 days worm cast free turf prior to re application of CastClear at 1/3 of the original dose rate.

The Lawn Shop CastClear® is an unique combination of nutrient materials that have been clearly shown to reduce worm-cast levels on lawns and professional sports turf.

It is unique in using a surfactant system that moves the nutrient into the upper soil structure and fixes it there providing good persistence of deterrent effect until breaking down to natural nutrients absorbed by plant roots.

0.25 Litres will cover 125 sqm and you will need to make an application every 10 to 20 days from end of August through to the Spring. The initial dose rate is 1 Lts per 500 sqm but you can cut this down to a third of the initial dose rate for repeat applications but there is no problem sticking at the full rate going forward if you have very active worms!

Apply at 200 ml of chemical in a minimum of 2.5 lts of water over 100 metres. Mow ahead of application. Do not apply in the rain or if rain is expected soon after application. Do not mow after application until there has been a heavy dew or rainfall. It will not stop casts that are there at the time of application but new casts will stop after 5 days so please be patient as the product needs to work its way down into the root zone to form the deterrent barrier. Apply every 10 – 20 days and the repeat application rate is 70 ml in a minimum of 2.5 lts of water over 100 sqm.

It is totally non-pesticidal, safe for lawn users including children and pets but it is advisable to keep lawn users off the treated lawn for 48 hours. Please read the product label carefully and ensure that you are wearing suitable personal protective equipment like non-absorbant gloves.

Best applied via a small compression sprayer fitted with a medium spray nozzle – like one from the range in this shop. Follow your mowing lines and apply across the complete surface of the lawn including the corners and edges!

There is a single carriage charge up to 20 Kgs so should you want more than one bottle, you will pay the same carriage charge up to about 20 units.

The image is the new label on a new style bottle so you may get a new style peel and reseal label or a round UN bottle until the stocks of the older label are gone. The product of each bottle style is the same. It may be green or brown.

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