We are asked by lawn owners who have recently received a new lawn laid with lawn turf – “How do I look after it?” Most lawn owners typically think that because they have a nice new lawn that they do not have to look after it – wrong!! The work starts here. New lawn, new lawn problems.

So how do you care for a new lawn? If the lawn was turved, you really do hit the deck running. Ensure that you do not let the turves dry out at all otherwise they will shrink and it will look awful. Do not make the mistake of being too kind with the water too otherwise you run the risk of killing the lawn.

Your landscaper or turf care organisation would have fertilised the lawn with a pre seeder fertiliser before the lawn was laid or fertilised it with a granular fertiliser appropriate to the time of year after laying, so an autumn and winter fertiliser to aid root development and toughen the turf up ahead of the perils of winter. You can turf a lawn all rear round so long as the soil on site can be worked and the turf farm can lift the turf.

Newly turved lawns can be mown after around ten days so long as the ground is firm after laying. Plan to remove no more than 25% of the grass growth in any one mowing session – a fact true of established lawns. You should be aiming for around setting 4 from lowest on a Hayter and the other mowers like Honda and Mountfield to name a few have similar mower height settings. It is important to remove the clippings to the compost heap. Keep an eye out for Fusarium and Red Thread Diseases.

The lawn may also get a few mushrooms growing in the early autumn months on the new lawn. Just collect the mushrooms to stop the mower squashing them and spreading the spores. The presence of mushrooms on the lawn denotes a healthy soil, not poor quality turf. Continue to mow weekly in different directions and DO NOT forget to fertilise the lawn in three months time and every three months thereafter.

This is the biggest failings of new lawns – they get starved and/or mown too low.