Lawn Quencher – Wetting Agent Tablet – the secret to solving dry patches in lawns and Fairy Rings.

Your lawn may look a little soggy currently with the recent heavy rainfall but spare a thought of the localised dry patches on the surface once the gravitational water pulls through. Dry crusty patches where the grass is simply not growing despite the rain. Puzzling. Put a gardening knife into the dry patchy area and cut out a 2 cm cube to inspect. You will note that the soil is still really dry and smells musty.

It is very common for lawns to suffer from localised dry patches and drought has nothing to do with this natural occurring turf / lawn problem. Rainfall or irrigation will not solve these dry, crusty and hydrophobic areas. Nothing will grow in these affected areas as there is no available soil moisture.

Now you can solve the problem with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet, applied via a Hose Diluter / Feeder as both a curative and preventative solution to localised dry patches in lawns.

PREVENTS localised dry patches
RECOVERS stressed & damaged turf
ENHANCES and improves water penetration
RETAINS and conserves water

Save your lawns with a Lawn Quencher™ Wetting Agent Tablet. It will not recover without one.

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