A lawn like a human can get a few problems in it’s lifetime.  Usually it is a problem associated with the season and/or time of the year or a man-made problem.  Just because you have a newly installed lawn from seed or turf, expect a few issues as the lawn develops and matures.  Welcome to real grass and real grass problems!

A lawn will not last for ever, much like a shrub in the main garden.  The main role of the lawn owner is to do everything they can to maintain a healthy and dense sward throughout the year and in consecutive years.  A lawn will fail for a reason and some of these individual or combined reasons could derive from one of the following:




Treatment scorch

Wear and tear

Incorrect mowing

Nutrient deficiency

Water logging

Pet urine burn

Bare areas

Density thinning

The most problems are as a direct result of the a change in environment, such as rain, heavy dews, drought, frost, snow, and windless days where you have very little control and must wait until the weather changes.

All you should have in your lawn area are nicely mown, dense, and healthy desirable turf grasses.  That’s no moss, or weeds or weed grasses.  Just because it is green, it may not be grass.  Simple.