It is quite dry currently with only 1.6mm in 19 days in the South East at least and localised dry patches are showing up on lawns as we type this.

Lawn Quencher is the solution to localised dry patches on your lawn. These problem will not get wet by way of applying water or natural rainfall alone as the soil underneath has become hydrophobic – repelling water.

Nothing will grow without water hence why the turf grasses above have failed and died.

It is very common for lawns to suffer from localised dry patches and drought has nothing to do with this natural occurring turf / lawn problem. Rainfall or irrigation will not solve these dry, crusty and hydrophobic areas. Nothing will grow in these affected areas as there is no available soil moisture.

Now you can solve the problem with a Lawn Quencher Wetting Agent Tablet, applied via a Hose Diluter / Feeder as both a curative and preventative solution to localised dry patches in lawns.

PREVENTS localised dry patches
RECOVERS stressed & damaged turf
ENHANCES and improves water penetration
RETAINS and conserves water

Save your lawns with a Lawn Quencher™ Wetting Agent Tablet. It will not recover without one.

Available from The Lawn Shop as a single. twin or box of six