Well, what a sunny April! Not great for the lawn but we did get 37.6 mm of rain in the month which was better than 15.44 mm in April back in 2019. How messed up our weather is. Then there is Covid-19…..

The Garden Centres have been closed for 43 days with a limited few doing click and collect for compost and plants and our Lawn Shop sales have been hitting new targets. We have had a few supply chain issues during the lock down but have managed to keep all customers happy and lawns fed to date.

We are receiving fresh stock of Fertiliser and Selective Weed Killer this week so can start to ship this out for new received orders.

Now onto your lawn. With all this spare time on your hands as you cannot go anywhere, for some the lawn has been least of their worries and we fully understand the mental blocks some have had when trying to get motivated with the garden and lawns.

Others have been taking advantage of the fine weather in April to get to grips with their lawn(s) after the rather wet winter months Jan-March when gardening weather was very much in short supply.

Take time now to mow your lawn in different directions, often starting and turning in a different way to the norm and also mow against the knap of the mower pass. The turf grasses will love you for it.

Treat any Moss with Soluble Iron.

Tackle your weed control on your lawns and garden as a whole.

Scarify and Aerate.

Trim the edges and prune any shrub overhang ahead of renovating with seed and top dressing any bare areas.

Plan to fertilise with a good slow release fertiliser towards the end of the month if you have fed your lawn already this spring time.

Some items in the Lawn Shop are on back order so please be patient. We are doing our best to keep you lovely lawn owners supplied with your orders.

Stay fit and healthy and safe in the meantime.