It’s a kind of Lawn Club where a group of like-minded people whose main focus is to spend time doing what they love = lawns and their care

Clubs are very sociable and this fact hasn’t changed very much at all over time. As Lawn in a Box gains momentum, there is scope for Member Only benefits and events where you will be invited to attend. We are open to suggestions from our Members naturally as to what YOU want help with.

As humans, we love belonging to a club whether it be a golf club, rambling club, wine club, road rescue or a gardening club. Just how many clubs you belong to or have belonged to in your years will astound you probably. That is a lot of membership cards.

There are seven primary reasons to Join:

To replenish your supply of a particular lawn care product such as a granular fertiliser or selective weed killer

To have a regular supply of lawn treatment products come to you with virtually no hassle

To have a knowledgeable buyer send you interesting and professional quality products (where legislation permits) that you would not be aware of or choose not to buy yourself

You do not have to remember to fertilise your lawn yet are prompted when the shipment of fertiliser arrives

You can use the Members Only area to get access to help and guidance on lawn related aspects

You will become part of a new and exciting concept in the world of lawn care

Special Member offers and discounts from The Lawn Shop